Today, video is one of the most significant marketing communication tools for companies and organizations. Authentic content motivates people and helps them form a stronger emotional connection with the brand. Albatross places great emphasis on the area of video, from the filming phase, through professional editing to the production of the final product. Albatross is connected to the needs of its clients, but also to the changing trends of media that require innovation and creativity when it comes to formats, creative ideas and innovative content platforms. 


Even fields such as industry, engineering, energy and resources must tell a good story... Those engaged in daily, challenging Sisyphean tasks that are mostly performed behind the scenes of the media world often produce moving stories that are not always exposed to the public.

Albatross produces documentary films for companies in the energy, infrastructure, and construction industries such as Noble Energy Inc., Netivei Israel, Highway 6, Ashtrom Group, Shikun & Binui, and many others.

Photographers begin by following the events from the air and the ground,

interviewing key players responsible for the project. They then proceed to create exciting documentary films that convey not only the scope and size of the project, but also the enormous human effort invested in these undertakings. 

Promotional and Corporate Videos

Promotion and publicity are not luxuries, but absolute necessities in the current digital and traditional media channels. Albatross specializes in the production of corporate videos for various audiences ranging from professional investors, strategic partners, government officials to the general public.

In recent years, Albatross has been responsible for the production of large-scale, successful corporate films such as the launching of the first gas rig in Israel, Highway 6, the Carmel Tunnels, restorations of rivers like the Sorek, Kidron and the Southern Jordan River as well as many others. 

Progression and Supervision

Progression videos are unique video formats that allow managers of complex projects to display the changes and developments that have taken place within their project over the progression of several months and years. This refers to a short video filmed aerially (mainly) whose aim is to visually display the most significant milestones of the project. Progression videos have long become a basic tool used in presentations, staff meetings and professional conferences. 

Exclusive Productions

Albatross is known for its professional and exclusive collaborations with major international broadcasters such as the American network, PBS and the international network, National Geographic, for whom it has produced breathtaking Travel films of Greece and Israel. Other productions include the 3D highly acclaimed film, Jerusalem, that has been presented by Imax technology in theaters around the world, as well as Wings Over Israel, that was shot in 6K resolution. These collaborative efforts among many others have positioned Albatross as a production company with the highest levels of international standards. 

Travel, History and Nature Films

Albatross has produced a series of travel, history and nature films throughout the world. Some of these films include a journey accompanied by Eskimo hunters in the Canadian Arctic region, the journey to the sacred mountain of Tibet, Mount Kailash, which includes interviews with the Dalai Lama, a reenactment of Lawrence of Arabia’s footsteps in the Jordanian Desert, Rally of the Pharaohs, and many others. 
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