Albatross is at the forefront of technological achievement in photography integrating a variety of tools and unique platforms. The integration of helicopters and drones allows for the creation of complex technical products (also used for measurements). In addition, the company has two exclusive flagship products that have been independently developed and created: 

The SPOT – a unique software program that provides smart solutions for the management, storage, and display of visual data, and the 360 Video Tour, an interactive video tour that tells the story of each site, road or scene, from both the ground and the air in a most innovative, experiential way.

A Wide Range of Tools

The professional process of photography requires the management of many instruments. The correct matching of the instrument to the nature of the task is a fundamental part of the success of the project. Albatross invests a great deal of resources in constructing work plans that will best accommodate the needs of the client. While Albatross drones are suitable for the kind of fieldwork that requires urban and low altitude photography, helicopters are the perfect tools for documenting large-scale projects. Time lapse cameras are used for capturing footage in real-time, while the application of Cineflex systems is essential for cinematic missions that require complete stability.


The SPOT system is an exclusive and innovative development of the company that facilitates the management of visual data anywhere, anytime and on any computer or smartphone device. The program is simple to use and makes it possible to easily download the various files associated with the project, such as photos, videos and documents. This tool was developed specifically for managing complex projects that require effective solutions for cataloging, storing, and displaying files for many years.

360 – Video Tour

Albatross is the next generation leader in virtual tours. We create tours taken in 360 (aerials and ground) that can be viewed using VR goggles, as well as on Youtube and Facebook. The tours include many elements, such as, narration, characters, and art, as well as interactive features that make the tours superbly  rich and remarkably enjoyable. We’ve produced such a tour in the Tamar gas rig that explains the various phases of gas production. In the new Beersheva River Park, we’ve created a virtual video tour with a variety of characters that take the visitor on a trip of the various park sites. Click here to see for yourself (don’t forget to turn up your speakers).


The visual data collected by a helicopter or drone is processed through several software programs making it possible to carry out precise measurements, and enable to create 3D models

TimeLapse – Short/Long Range

Albatross uses a variety of cameras to document ongoing projects: We install Time Lapse cameras on the site on which we collect continuous visual data from, and in addition, throughout the filming process, we take both short-range Time Lapse and Motion Time Lapse footage. The convergence of these technologies allows for the creation of high-quality Time Lapse films.

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