Albatross is at the leading edge of photography and documentary content for medium to large-scale national projects in the areas of infrastructure, energy, culture, and the environment.

The company’s sophisticated creative abilities and implementation of smart digital tools, make Albatross an industry leader.

We combine cutting-edge photo technology from both the ground and the air (from helicopters, airplanes and drones) as well as virtual reality, IMAX, and Сineflex systems, TL/MTL photography and and many other technologies.

Albatross walks the client through all phases of the project, from guidance and consulting to the construction of a work plan to the final execution of the product. 

Project Documentation

The construction processes of the first gas rig, Netivei Israel, Highway 6, Ben Gurion Int’l Airport, Azrieli Towers, the Carmel Tunnels, and the solar fields in the Negev are only a small part of the many projects that Albatross had documented and has continued to monitor closely throughout the years.

Albatross applies a unique filming perspective whose goal is to tell the story of the project at hand while incorporating all of its various aspects:
From the technical challenges and ongoing engineering efforts, to the side of the human spirit and its great contribution and impact on the environment and Israeli life. 

Advanced Photo/Video Solutions

In order to convey the unique story of each and every project in a complete and sensitive manner, Albatross employs many innovative instruments from both the ground and the air. The integration of this equipment is vital to the success in capturing the complex projects.

Thanks to the combination of photo and video solutions as well as smart content strategies, every project managed by Albatross receives a rich portfolio of products of the highest caliber which gives the client a significant competitive advantage in its sales and marketing initiatives. 

Professional Standards

Albatross employs first-rate photographers, directors, editors, and content writers. Albatross experts are graduates of leading institutions in higher education and have extensive experience in the fields of photography, video, content and technology. Albatross is committed to an uncompromising level professionalism and quality execution in all of its endeavors. 

Data Management

Albatross is the proud developer of SPOT - a unique software program that provides smart solutions for the management, storage and display of visual data in the cloud. The rich visual portfolio that Albatross delivers is accessible to its clients on a convenient, user-friendly digital platform – an exclusive Albatross technology whose goal is to save, display, and provide access to all components of the project anytime, anywhere, and of course from any device, shortly after being photographed or filmed. 

Content and Creative

Albatross is a leading producer of high-quality content in the areas of landscape, nature, and culture in Israel and around the world. The company holds the most extensive photo and video database in Israel with over 800,000 images and 4,000 hours of video footage that have been shot at various sites in Israel and abroad. This database allows the company’s talented creators and editors to realize any creative ideas they may have and turn them into artistic pieces such as, project books, exhibitions, virtual tours, and films that tell their unique stories in a most breathtaking and stirring way. 
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