Albatross operates under the direction of artist and landscape photographer Duby Tal. His works, which have won awards, have been displayed in numerous exhibitions around the world. His artistic achievements greatly influence Albatross’s professional standards, striving for excellence not only in a technical sense but also in the aesthetic and creative aspects as well. Albatross is the largest home of Israeli landscape photography in all its diversity, from the rare picturesque photos of Jerusalem, through the spectacular landscape photographs of the Dead Sea and Masada, to a series of abstract and enigmatic photographs that go hand-in-hand with the unique language of the artist. Our clients greatly benefit from the expert knowledge offered by the Albatross team in the area of exhibitions and the newest methods of print productions worldwide. 

Photography and Curatorship

Many projects managed by Albatross are planned with the most suitable creative concept in mind that will act as an encasing for the entire shooting and production process. The project of the first gas rig in Israel was shot under the creative concept called - “Making History”. A great effort was made in the course of the photo shoot to present the story of the rig as an epic and monumental depiction involving many players. At the end of the project, a photo exhibition was curated under the same concept with a series of fascinating collages displayed today in the offices of Noble Energy Inc.

Israel’s Landscapes

Albatross currently manages the largest database of Israeli landscape photographs from around the country. The database contains approximately 800,000 images associated with various geographical regions as well as topics such as archaeology, agriculture, sustainability, the environment and more. The photographs are suitable for any purpose – from premium prints for exhibitions, to offices, embassies, and private homes, as well as for use in commercial settings. 
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