About Us

Albatross has been living and breathing photography for over 25 years. Today, Albatross is synonymous with innovation and creativity regarding all modalities of professional photography. Albatross is especially recognized for its great contribution in disseminating the images and landscapes of Israel to the entire world by means of a series of mythological books called Skyline, a series of movies entitled, Aerial Odyssey for National Geographic, as well as the comprehensive documentation of the large scale projects that have been taking place in Israel in recent years. 

Our Vision

Albatross works tirelessly on creating a powerful visual image for all of its clients using the perfect combination of still, video, aerial, ground and documentary content. Quality, professionalism, and innovation have been the values associated with the Albatross organization since the artist, photographer and publisher, Duby Tal and one of the most prominent photography pilots in Israel, Moni Haramati, first launched it. The company strongly believes in doing significant work on behalf of Israel and conveys a clear message of its love for the country through its books, films and the many collaborative efforts with artists, scholars and organizations working on behalf of Israel domestically and internationally.
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